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Winter in Kilkenny

Have you ever spent time in Kilkenny at Winter/Christmas time? If not, then we’ve got a rundown of the upcoming bits and pieces coming to the home of hurling. With Christmas specials and concerts, ice-skating and featured films. There is lots to see and do in this historic city. For any groups visiting, the best place to book your Winter package is with us in Kilkenny Concierge!

Kilkenny on Ice

22nd November – The wonderful sport of ice skating is coming to the city and will stay around until early January. Perfect for groups and individuals, have a great time on the ice with your friends and family. Just make sure to stay on your feet!

Santa’s Arrival


24th November – Yeap, that’s right, Santa is arriving at MacDonagh Junction on the 24th of November and will be wandering around Kilkenny for the entire month! It is definitely a must before Christmas, so make sure you get out to see the big bellied man.

Butler Gallery

29th November – The 1st annual Christmas Benefit Party is certainly an options for those looking for a more luxurious and relaxing thing to do during their stay in the Marble City.

A Woodland Christmas

7th December – In Castlecomer Discovery Park, there is something magical taking place in the form of a woodland Christmas. From visiting the enchanted woods, grabbing steaming mug of hot chocolate and listening to the tales of Mrs Claus, there is loads to do for the little ones in the exciting pre-Christmas activity.

The Mayor’s Annual Christmas Concert

11th December – A show for all ages, this is definitely something that will get you into the mood of Christmas. Enjoy all the local talent that Kilkenny has to offer and remember that all proceeds go to a very worthy cause!

The Riptide Movement

13th December – This wonderful Irish band is coming to Kilkenny for a concert this Winter. With hit songs such as “All Works Out”, “You & I” and “Elephant in the Room” you’ll be surely singing along to all these hit songs.

Nathan Carter


27th December – The first thing you should do after Christmas to see Nathan Carter live in the Lyrath Estate. With tickets available from €33.20 per person, this can certainly be a perfect after Christmas evening/night. Be sure to book it quick though…

Beauty and the Beast Panto

1st January – Yes, we are saying that the first thing to do in the new year is to see a pantomime. In the Watergate Theatre you can see after that you saw in the movies but live! kids will love it.


If you want a full list of the things to do in Kilkenny this Winter, then check out this link.

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