What to do in Kilkenny?

Stuck for something to do in Kilkenny, or looking to see if the journey is worth it? We have got you covered with an intense list showing the true capabilities of the historic and active county of Kilkenny. Don’t miss out on visiting this city, whether it is a stag, hen, corporate event, or just a family getaway. Don’t miss the opportunity. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget that any of these activities can be booked with us along with a package deal with dinner, accommodation or both! Just go to the bottom of the page and enquire to get an idea of the packages we offer! You will certainly not be short of anything to do in Kilkenny!


Kilkenny Tours! The heartbeat of the historic city centre. From medieval to the 18th century, to pubs and ghosts. Have a read below!

Kilkenny Castle

The centre of Kilkenny and the most recognisable monument in the southeast. It would be impossible to start this list without it. Take a tour through the 800 years of history and lose yourself in the grounds of the perfect castle! The tours in Kilkenny castle are truely amazing too.

Kilkenny Castle

Tourist Train

See the best of Kilkenny in a train tour that is on the road. Run through the courthouse, castle, Cathedrals and much more all while sitting down!

Smithwicks Experience

Ireland’s most popular ale offers a unique experience for any beer lovers to see the history and innovations of Smithwicks. You can get involved and even have a drink or 2 of the red stuff!

Smithwicks Experience

Medieval Mile

Fine examples of medieval sculptures, Renaissance tombs, even a few lost relics. See some breathtaking examples of the past in a modernised and memorable KIlkenny tour!

Ghost Tour

A nighttime tour! Tales of paranormal experience are everywhere in this tour would some tales that are truely scary and all are incredibly interesting. A different take of the history of Kilkenny takes place at 8pm!

Pub Tour

Take a tour around the best pubs and bars in Kilkenny with a few free drinks in each. With no worries about organising the tour at all, as the Pub Tour team take care of it all! Visit some of the best pubs in Kilkenny.

Pub Tours Kilkenny


Although not as known for the activities. Kilkenny really has so much to do and so much to get to. Looking for some thrilling and intense activities, then Kilkenny has it all!

Kilkenny Activity Centre

Reach the height of entertainment with Paintball, Bubble Football, Hells Kitchen and so much more! This extremely popular outdoors centre is the best options for groups to have a great time!

Activity Centre

River Adventures

How about something a little different. Stream through the flurries of the river on a small boat that is completely in your control. You will have a truely memorable time and it is perfect for those new and experienced.

Discovery Park

Looking for a challenge? With a range of exhilerating activities perfect for any group. The Castlecomer Discovery Park is a great option for any looking to push themselves.


How about some good old-fashioned swimming? Or even the gym. A great place to stay active during your stay. It also has a great pitch for some sports options if you so desire?

Watershed Kilkenny

Kiltorcan Raceway

Karting! This track is ideal on Summer Day to get the adrenaline going. Simply get on the track and drive around and beat the rest!


A Battle Zone and Shooting Range to train in! Kilkenny Airsoft is where you can feel the true impact of “Call of Duty”. They also have axe throwing and archery option for that wild side that everyone has!

Countryside Leisure Centre

A little bit more of a relaxing time in Kilkenny whilst still using similar skills to the other activities mentioned above. Clay Pigeon shooting and indoor Rifle shooting are their specialities to test yourself against your friends!

Countryside Leisure Centre


Kilkenny is a great place to take a stroll around and not just through the city! There’s also a range of cycling options around!

Cycling Tours

Hire some bikes, and get guided around the city and county if you wish or go rogue! A great opportunity to actively see the sights of Kilkenny if you’re looking for something to do.

Tory Hill

To see 5 counties at once… where’s the best place to go? Tory Hill! A hike through the 292 metre hill is a perfect option to get some fresh air in Kilkenny.

Tory Hill

Trail Kilkenny

A great place to find where to go and do some walks or cycling trips. A list of trails are available on the website, ideal for anyone looking for a different excursion.

Nore Valley

Nore Valley is a great option to go through the farm and see the many pets around. Interact with the animals whilst still enjoying the benefits of a nourishing walk.

We know that we couldn’t fit everything onto this list but there’s so much to do in Kilkenny that you will never fit it in one week! No matter what, we can get you the best deals and packages for any groups in Kilkenny!

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