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Kilkenny Stag Party

Get ready to kick off your epic Kilkenny stag party right here!

kilkenny stag party

Have you been tasked with planning a stag party for your brother, cousin, or best mate? Fear not, because we’re here to help. With Kilkenny Concierge, a stag weekend in Kilkenny can be both epic and wildly unforgettable, leaving you with legendary memories!

Though experience has shown us that arranging the ultimate stag party can be one of the greatest challenges a man will ever face, it will define one’s purpose as a groom’s best man! Knowledge is crucial! Therefore, our expert team at Kilkenny Concierge curated fantastic stag party packages for all, without the stress!

With its diverse range of activities, vigorous nightlife, and plenty of thrills, the Marble City is the perfect setting for an epic stag do. Trust us to simplify your planning process, and in return, we’ll ensure you have a remarkable weekend. Creating a customised package is just a few clicks away. Try out our Kilkenny stag party package builder, and expect an answer as soon as possible! Our user-friendly payment system makes organising your stag party a breeze. And the best part… You won’t have to chase the lads for payments! We will deal with all those stressful parts for you.

An ideal Kilkenny stag party experience, Kilkenny Concierge offers a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities. From pulse-pounding adventures to booze and bantes, there’s something for every group of lads. We guarantee the ultimate stag party weekend in Kilkenny!

Kilkenny Stag Party Packages

Kilkenny stag party packages with the Kilkenny Concierge quality stamp!

Want to see some of the Kilkenny stag do packages we offer? Check out our pre-made Kilkenny stag party packages, with prices to suit all stag party budgets!

Who We Are

Discover your bespoke Kilkenny stag party agency!

We are a Kilkenny-based event company, leveraging our in-depth local knowledge to offer first-rate Kilkenny stag party packages with a difference. From paintball to whiskey tasting, escape rooms to cube games, we can arrange it all! Our activities consistently receive top reviews, and we’ve even been featured on RTE, TV3, & BBC.

Experience the real Kilkenny with a local business. We guarantee excellent value, spectacular venues, and a memorable stag party weekend in Kilkenny. The Marble City is one of the most popular stag party locations in Ireland, so don’t miss out on its nightlife for your stag do! Explore the best stag party packages and ideas on our Kilkenny package builder.

Day-Out Stag Party Packages

Stag party pre-made packages excluding accommodation

Have you booked your own stag party accommodation but would like to explore Kilkenny stag party packages for activities and food only? Check out our packages and enquire now for an instant reply!

Kilkenny Stag Party Accommodation

Kilkenny Concierge offers the most rugged and convenient lodging for your Kilkenny stag party!

If you’re on the lookout for a hotel, we’ve got your back! From the Club House Hotel to the Ormonde Hotel, ranging from 2 to 4 stars, you decide what suits your stag party weekend best. If you’re up for something a bit different, we’ve got B&Bs and self-catering options covered too! We consolidate everything into a neat and tidy format, making your role as the organiser as effortless as possible. All that’s left to do is to revel in your Kilkenny stag do!

Jumpstart the process with a call, email, or by filling out our package builder for an instant quote! A stag party in Kilkenny is supreme, and it’s best enjoyed when booked with us at Kilkenny Concierge. We are the original stag party organisers based in Kilkenny!

Kilkenny Stag Party Hotels

Explore our selection of rugged and classic hotels designed for stag celebrations! Centrally located stag party venues offering modern comforts await your visit!

Hoban HotelRecently renovated, ideal for a quiet stag party crew just outside the city centre.

Kilkenny Hibernian HotelStep into splendour with historic charm and top-notch service. It’s the perfect hotel for an unforgettable Kilkenny stag party.

Hotel KilkennySharp comfort with spa, swimming pool, and dining options, located just 3 kms from the city centre.

Ormonde Hotel A modern style and upgraded bar combined for all those epic stag parties!

Kilford Arms HotelA wise choice amidst all the vibrant stag party venues, delivering a fantastic hotel experience.

Kilkenny Stag Party Self-Catering

For added space and privacy during your Kilkenny stag do, consider self-catering apartments. Explore our rugged options for a memorable Kilkenny stag party!

Watergate Apartments – Located near Irish Town, these apartments are ideal for any stag getaway in Kilkenny. They’re also affordable and comfortable!

Lanigans AccommodationModern stag accommodation in the city centre close to all the nightlife venues!

Kilkenny Stag Party Guesthouses

Affordable and wild, our B&B options offers great value for your stag party. 

Rafter’s B&B Cosy and convenient accommodation in the city centre with comfortable beds and a delicious full Irish breakfast for an ultimate Kilkenny stag party experience!

Glendine InnIdeally located for golf;  If your group has approximately 20 people, then the whole place will be private to you for the best stag party in Kilkenny

Kilkenny Stag Party Activities

Thrilling stag party activities for the groom and the crew!

We aim for diversity and excellence, partnering only with top suppliers to ensure your Kilkenny stag party activities and games are top-notch! For the adventurous groups of lads, our offerings include bubble soccer, splatball, and an exhilarating assault course at the Kilkenny Activity Centre. If a more upscale stag do is your style, then indulge in a golf afternoon. Looking to elevate your experience? Whiskey tasting is available too! And for those laid-back groups, why not opt for a hotel with a swimming pool? At Kilkenny Concierge, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring every aspect of your stag party is unforgettable! With an extensive range of activities and experiences, we’ve got all your stag do weekend needs covered!

When it comes to Kilkenny stag parties, the key is to ensure an adrenaline-packed weekend with the lads. With Kilkenny’s rugged options, we’ve put together the best activities for your Kilkenny Concierge stag do, ensuring legendary memories before the big day!

PaintballEngage in intense combat scenarios, strategise with your mates, and unleash your inner hit-man as you navigate the battlefield for an epic stag do!

Bubble soccer Strap in and prepare for bouncing soccer matches. Whether you’re scoring goals or sending your mates tumbling, bubble football guarantees endless craic for the ultimate stag party in Kilkenny.

Go-karting – Feel the rush of adrenaline as you compete with the lads on the track, vying for that champion title. A heart-pounding stag do experience!

Cube games – A realm of challenges akin to the TV show, where the lads go head-to-head in a series of games for the ultimate stag party bragging rights.

Footgolf – Why settle for one great sport when you can combine two? Traverse the course using your feet instead of clubs and outplay all the lads during your Kilkenny stag weekend.

Kayaking – Navigate the Irish tumultuous rapids, and experience the thrill of steering your own kayak. Kayaking ranks among the top stag party activities in Kilkenny.

Golf – Tee off with the lads and enjoy a round of golf perfect for some (not-so) friendly competition during your stag weekend.

Whiskey Tasting – Elevate your stag do experience with a whiskey tasting session, where you and your mates can savour the finest spirits while learning about their origin and distinct flavours.

More About Kilkenny Stag Parties

We’re all about crafting the ultimate stag party experience!

Food & Drink

For an epic stag weekend in Kilkenny, indulge in local food and drinks. We collaborate with numerous pubs, bars, and restaurants to ensure our stag party groups’ needs are catered to during their stay in Kilkenny. Lanigans, Matt the Millers, and Rafter’s are among our top choices for stag nights out, offering the best in hearty meals and vibrant atmospheres.

Whether you’re looking for a feast fit for warriors or simply a pint (or more), we tailor our packages precisely to your preferences. Our top-quality Kilkenny stag party packages include a range of dining options, from breakfast to dinner, ensuring that every groom and his mates enjoy a truly legendary weekend with an itinerary carefully planned to tailor to their group.


Experience the vibrant Kilkenny stag party nightlife with our selection of venues and activities. Renowned for its lively nightlife scene, Kilkenny boasts many pubs and clubs to keep the party going. From private gatherings to late-night revelry, we have you covered. Whether it’s a reserved area or passes to the hottest nightclubs, we can arrange it all. With insider knowledge of establishments like LB2 and Langtons, we guarantee you the best stag night in Kilkenny! Our stag packages are customised to suit your group’s preferences, so get in touch and let us know your desires. Once you do, we’ll craft the perfect stag do experience for you.


Rest assured, we secure the best prices on transport to ensure seamless travel around Kilkenny and beyond. Whether you need transportation to and from any part of Ireland or simply around town, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. And if you’re in need of recommendations, just let us know, and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Planning for some other location ?

Incase you are planning to organise a stag do in some other location in Ireland we might be able to help you organise a great event. Just reach out to us on You can choose from a variety of pre made packages or customise you own. 

Don't Hesitate to Ask

Answering your FAQs about kilkenny stag parties

Can we choose specific venues or locations within Kilkenny for the party?

Yes, you can choose specific venues or locations within Kilkenny for your party, and we have a wide variety of options available. Click on the package builder to explore what we offer, as availability is subject to change. Enquire now !

Do you offer customisable packages specifically tailored to Kilkenny?

Yes, our package builder software allows you to customise your own experience with a wide range of options to choose from. Whether it's selecting the ideal accommodation, enjoying tasty meals, or indulging in exciting activities, our customers have the freedom to tailor every aspect of their experience.

Do you offer transportation services?

We don’t usually deal with transportation, but in case you need a bus to travel around with the group we can arrange that.

Want to explore other locations?

Our sister company operates in plenty of locations across Ireland. Explore a variety of activities and locations at Stagfree