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2020 Best Kilkenny Hen Do Ideas

Being the maid of honour / best woman comes with a lot of responsibilities including the HEN PARTY! The goal is to plan the best possible hen party for the cheapest prices, however, it does come with its headaches and annoyances, from trying to ensure everyone is booked, trying to receive payments from the group and making sure everyone has an absolute ball!

If you'd like, you can book the entire weekend with us. Save on all the stress, time and money wasting. Book your next Kilkenny hen do with us in Kilkenny Concierge, the local home of group bookings in the Marble City.

We have decided to help you out for free though with a free guide on the very best 2020 hen ideas and activities and things to do while out on the hen do. Some of the top Kilkenny fun and different things to do can be found here so take note! Book your next Kilkenny hen do with us in Kilkenny Concierge, the local home of group bookings in the Marble City.

Cube Games

Cube Games is a new activity that is taking Kilkenny and other parts of Ireland by storm. The activity involves trying out lots of different mini-games while having a few pints in the process! All indoors too, might we add! A games host will guide you through each and every game and the team's scores are marked down on the whiteboard.


Bubbles and Brunch

The Bubbles and Brunch in Kilkenny is limited to 2 glasses of prosecco, fear not, you can continue to purchase glasses of prosecco to keep yourself topped up for the full day. Bottomless prosecco do have a time limit, but Kilkenny operates on the more responsible glass limits. Don't let it deter you, why not try it!

Farm Experience

Looking for a wholesome activity? A day at the farm might be a good bet. Are you a city gal looking to embrace your true country inner self? Milk a cow, catch a chicken and prance around with the lambs, okay, maybe not the last one. But a farm experience is a great activity for "real" hens!

Treasure Trail

Experience the Kilkenny city feeling. Take part in a "sort of" race around the city trying to follow the clues and find the answer. Enjoy a drink in the middle and compare the answers over finger food in a city centre pub to really get the night started. You can even ask people on the street for the right answers. If the teams get all the answers right then it's first back wins!

Butler in the Buff

If you fantasize about having a hot naked man serve your drinks, and food and you all chat around him, then a Butler in the Buff is perfect, but only really possible in self catering accommodation so make sure you keep that in mind.

Perfume Making

Something very special for Kilkenny, you can make your own perfume and bring it home. Make your very own signature scent! Guided by a wonderful perfume artist on the best scents and ideas, you make your ideal perfume and at a great price. Why not give it a go.

Axe Throwing

A new activity taking the world by storm. In Kilkenny it is a great activity where you literally throw axes at a target. A great technique to learn and it's great fun while learning to do it!


So there's 7 different and unique activities, some of which only happen in a few locations and Kilkenny is one of them. So try out the wide list of activities in Kilkenny and book through us in Kilkenny Concierge!

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