Savour Kilkenny 2021

Sadly, due to the Coronavirus, we missed out on the brilliant Savour Food Festival 2020. This was the festivals first year in thirteen years not being able to take place. Not to worry, Savour Kilkenny are due to host their 14th year in 2021. We can’t wait!

However, in the meantime to support local food and beverage businesses get ‘back into business’ Savour Kilkenny are looking at the feasibility to develop a little series called ‘The Savour Series’. Each weekend during October, November, and December. The series will include a number of events which will be hosted across County Kilkenny by Kilkenny’s eateries and food producers.

About the Festival

If you’ve never heard of Savour Kilkenny, we’re going to tell you what it’s all about. It’s one of Ireland’s leading food festivals. The event usually takes place every year in October. Thousands of people flood to the Marble city for the event. It’s hosted to celebrate the produce and food culture of the surrounding rich pastureland which is home to some of Ireland and Europe’s best food. The festival also celebrates local Irish artisan products and the local restaurant and café culture. The festival includes lots of food stalls as well as demonstrations from famous chefs. Famous faces have appeared throughout the years for example Darina and Rory Allen and Roz Purcell. Special food events also take place in local restaurants throughout the special weekend.


Staying in Kilkenny

We recommend making a weekend out of it! There will be lots of other things happening in Kilkenny throughout the weekend! If you need any assistance with finding accommodation, feel free to contact us! We’d be delighted to help you!

Start planning your trip to Kilkenny for Savour 2021, it’s one not to be missed! Hopefully, it won’t get cancelled this year!


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