Plan your Staycation in Kilkenny city

Kilkenny city is an ideal spot to plan your staycation this summer. Known as the medieval city of Ireland, Kilkenny has beautiful historical and medieval buildings full of history. The city won’t disappoint when it comes to things to do for your holiday in Ireland.


Kilkenny city has plenty to offer in terms of accommodation. We work with four-star hotels, three-star hotels, guesthouses, self-catering, and dorm accommodation. You’ll be spoiled for choice. See below our recommendations.

Five-star hotels

The Lyrath Estate Hotel is a beautiful five-star hotel located a couple of minutes from Kilkenny city. Perfect for those who love a bit of luxury. With grounds spread across 170 acres of Irish countryside, historic lakes and emerald woodlands, your stay here will be magical. For an unforgettable experience, the Lyrath Hotel is the spot for you. The hotel is designed with a modern and historic 17th century feel. It demonstrates beautifully the old and new.

Three-star hotels

When it comes to three-star hotels, we have to recommend the Springhill Court Hotel. Located just five minutes from Kilkenny city, it’s the perfect spot for your upcoming staycation. Family-friendly, the Springhill Court Hotel has a fabulous leisure club with a 19- metre swimming pool, heated seat area, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, children’s pool, and fully equipped gym. They also have a hair salon, Image Hair Studio! What more could you wish for?

Guesthouse & B&B

Looking for accommodation on a budget? A Guesthouse or B&B could be a great option for you. If you are on a budget, this accommodation option would be a suitable fit. We have contacts with several Guesthouses and B&B’s in Kilkenny city. Our favourite guesthouse is Laragh House, a four-star luxury guesthouse accommodation. Also located a walking distance from the city centre.


Self-Catering is another great option during this global pandemic. An option that is perfect for families or large groups. Most of the self-catering accommodation we offer is situated in the heart of the city centre. This type of accommodation is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive experience. All the properties are fully equipped with kitchen and dining areas. No need to go out for lunch or dinner as you can cook at home to save more money.  Cheap and cheerful, what more could you want?

Activities in Kilkenny

Planning activities in Kilkenny city couldn’t be easier. From indoor to outdoor activities, you’ll definitely find the right one for you. See below a list of our recommendations.

Book with us

Book with us at Kilkenny Concierge for all your staycation needs. No need to worry about accommodation, activities, or meals as we can organise it all.

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