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Hen Party Idea’s

Your best friend has asked you to be one of her bridesmaids, this means discussing exciting wedding plans, bridal shopping and of course organising the hen weekend. For those who have never been to a hen weekend, let alone organise one, dont' panic! We’re here and have got you covered! To get you going, we have put together some idea’s for you.


First up is accommodation, we offer four-star hotels, three-star hotels, hostels, self-catering, and B&B options in all our packages. We also guarantee the best prices.


Figuring out what kind of activities to go for can be difficult and stressful but no need to worry. Below are some of the most popular hen party activities!

Spa Day

A Spa Day is the perfect activity for a bride that loves a bit of luxury! What better way to get prepped for the upcoming wedding with some spa treatments? Sip on some champagne whilst getting pampered with the hen crew! We offer a few different spa options in our packages!

Afternoon Tea

Gorgeous china, yummy cake, and a glass of prosecco- this activity has become an extremely popular one. It is suitable for all ages, even the mammies! What’s not to like, sit back, relax, and have the wee chats over some fabulous sandwiches and desserts.

Treasure Trail

For the bunch wanting to do some sightseeing as well as some exercise (it's all about getting those steps in). A treasure trail is a perfect activity to get the whole hen group involved. It’s also a great activity for everyone to get to know one another. Gather up the girls, follow a route, and solve clues. You will also get to see some tourist attractions along the way!

Cocktail Classes

A cocktail class is hands down a hen party ritual! It’s the perfect activity to get the whole group involved! What a way to get started before the big night ahead. It’s easy, fun, and lets the hens chat and mingle! Create your very own cocktail, who doesn’t love a cosmopolitan?

Gin/ Wine Tasting

Gin / Wine Tasting is an activity enjoyed by all ages. Start the night on a high and get prepped before the heavy night of drinking. You will all certainly be merry by the end of the tasting. It’s a great activity to get the whole group chatting and mingling.

Dance Classes

Get your groove on with a dance class. For girls that just want to have fun, this activity is the one for you. Choose from a salsa class to a hip-hop class. Pick your own music, learn a routine, and have the craic with the girls! It’s a great way to get some exercise in during the hen weekend.


For the more active hen group, Splatball is another popular activity. It’s very similar to paintball however there is no pain inflicted. Run around a ‘battlefield’ in camouflage gear shooting paintballs at one another! This activity will be one to remember. You’ll all be in the stitches at one another.



When it comes to food, no need to worry, we also have got you covered. We work with some brilliant restaurants. We include a wide variety of food options in our packages from fine dining to more casual dining. We cater to all needs.


We hope you found the above post interesting and found some great tips. Plan your upcoming hen party with us at Kilkenny Concierge. We can’t wait to hear from you. Start building your package now!

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