What to do in Kilkenny with Kids?

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Kilkenny is a city filled with history, food and fun! And if you have a group/family with kids, you would be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t much to do for kids. Both inside and outside of the city has great options for kids and adults of all ages to get involved and have some great fun in the many famous attractions in the hurling famous county!

MyKidsTime also have a great blog highlighting the great things to do with kids. We have borrowed some of their ideas and also added in a few that we think missed out!

Things to do in Kilkenny with Kids

Kilkenny Activity Centre

A wonderful attractions based 2 minutes away from the city centre is the home of paintball, splatball, bubble football and their famous “Hells’ Kitchen” assault course all in one spot. Perfect for kids and adults alike. An important spot to visit in Kilkenny if you’re visiting. It has great prices too!

St. Candices Round Cathedral

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See the whole city from one sport with this great tower that stretches into the sky. A must see in Kilkenny while you’re here. View the whole city from one spot!

Kilkenny Castle

Obviously the famous part of Kilkenny that everyone sees on their visit, and something that is no missed, and shouldn’t be! With the option of a free orienteering trail, it can be the perfect way to see the great gardens of the castle. Accompanied by the tour within, it can be a fab day out!

Nore Valley

Another option ideal for kids in Kilkenny is the Nore valley park and farm. With amazing activities for the kids to enjoy and great spots to sit and relax and enjoy the Irish countryside. It’s a perfect day out, especially for the youngest families. You can really make a day of it!

Castlecomer Discover ParkImage result for castlecomer discoverypark

A wondeful not-for-profit initiative set up to encourage kids to enjoy the wonderful outdoors and some unique activities that simply cannot be enjoyed in many other places. Hit the heights and see the sights only in the Castlecomer Discovery Park!

Kiltorcan Raceway

Hit Kiltorcan Raceway for all your karting needs with some great priced options and packages for all ages. Their new kids track is ideal options for the youngest kids and they will surely enjoy the hour or so spent there. Only downside is that it is situated a bit outside of the city!

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Dunmore Cave

See the amazing underground of Kilkenny with the Dunmore Caves to see all of the stalactites and stalagmites! An educational experience for both adults and children and a wonderful option for all!


To book any of these amazing activities in with your package, simply let us know and we will arrange it! Some you can view while your doing nothing and some you will have to book in. At the very least we can tell you where to park, get you a discount taxi and how long you can expect to spend there. Let us know in your email.